10. Feb 2020

Fresh food wholesaler chooses 1 MW large NH₃ installation from Uniechemie

Wholesale Chef Culinar moves into new premises in mid-June. For cooling, the choice was made for a cascade installation of Uniechemie, with ammonia and CO₂ as refrigerants.

Fresh food wholesaler chooses 1 MW large NH₃ installation from Uniechemie

Chef Culinar's new premises are located on the Bijsterhuizen industrial estate, along the A73 motorway near Nijmegen. The German company is a wholesaler for restaurants and hotels, and since 2011 also established in the Netherlands. The new building is eighteen meters high, has three floors and has a total floor space of 17,500 m².

Assembled in Oirschot

Given the many fresh products that the company has in its range, the cooling installation is a crucial part of the building. Chef Culinair has preferred an installation based on NH₃ and CO₂. Kälte Klima Peters GmbH was engaged for the installation of this. The cooling system was supplied by Uniechemie and assembled by sister company SCM Ref in Oirschot. The installation of almost 1 MW is the largest that has been assembled at SCM Ref so far. "The design was developed in close collaboration," says Christoph Peters, Managing Director of Kälte Klima Peters. The company has itself taken care of the low-pressure liquid separator (WITT) which is composed of heat exchangers from Alfa Laval.

The NH₃ installation, together with the CO₂ installation, was delivered in mid-November via special transport to the end user, Chefs Culinar.

NH₃ installation components

he NH₃ process cooling installation contains 187 components and is 11 meters long, 3.5 meters high and 2.2 meters wide. The capacity is 920 kW. The most important components are:

  • WITT low pressure liquid separator Ø 813 mm x 3,400 mm
  • 4 open Bitzer screw compressors OSKA-7462-K with frequency converter
  • 4 WEG IP55 electric motors of 75 kW, IE3, with insulated bearing cover
  • ATLAS custom made high-efficiency oil separator with pressure relief and oil return
  • HS Cooler
  • Pressure gauge panel

Components CO₂ installation

Glycol is cooled with the ammonia installation. This is partly used to cool cold stores, and partly to remove heat from the subcritical CO₂ freezing installation. This CO₂ installation has a capacity of 147 kW. The most important components are:

  • 1 Bitzer piston compressor 4ESL-9K-40S
  • 3 Bitzer piston compressors 4DSL-10K-40s
  • Kelvion heat exchangers GWH700L
  • ESK oil separator 60 bar
  • High pressure pressure switches from Johnson Controls
  • Pressure gauge panel
  • Klimal liquid container 90L

Both installations are equipped with a robust frame in RAL5013. The installations are of course supplied with CE marking, in accordance with PED 2014/68 / EU.