to TH. WITT Kältemaschinenfabrik GmbH, your partner for industrial refrigeration technology.

We are glad to have called your attention.

From us you will find custom-fit and reliable refrigeration components with friendly and competent advice and comprehensive service.

We focus on cooling with compression refrigeration technology, particularly with the natural refrigerants ammonia and carbon dioxide.

We have special knowledge in regards to pumping liquid refrigerants with to some extent gas content, separation of gas from liquid refrigerant and oil recovery from the refrigeration cycle.

Your success is our goal! For this we are offering our competence.

Partnership and reliability are most important to us.

Contact us and experience the difference.

Monika Witt und Florian Weber

Monika Witt
Monika Witt - Managing Director (Technology and Sales)
Florian Weber
Florian Weber - Managing Director (Commercial)

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