Refrigerant pumps

Long-lasting, easy to install, no further equipment needed

The majority of industrial refrigeration circuits today consist of pumped refrigeration systems with forced circulation. For this end-users and refrigeration contractors need refrigerant pumps that can meet high quality, safety and efficiency requirements.

WITT refrigerant pumps are specially designed, tested and produced for use in refrigeration plants. Their outstanding long life make them some of the most reliable refrigerant pumps on the market today. Unlike pumps for the chemical industry that are also used in the refrigeration industry, WITT refrigerant pumps are impressively easy to install, they do not have hidden extras needed, and they can be used over the full capacity range and across a broad range of operating temperatures.

Another special feature of WITT refrigerant pumps is their ability to deliver even liquid-vapour mixtures without interrupting the flow when compressors are started or stopped or varying loads of evaporators.

The top mounted suction connection ensures ideal venting and stable operation. WITT refrigerant pumps do not need any further equipment to optimise the suction height nor is it necessary to fit or install anything extra for common applications, such as orifices, flow control valves, or diversion lines for motor cooling

WITT installation vs. others
HRP hermetic refrigerant pumps

HRP hermetic refrigerant pump

GP refrigerant pump

GP refrigerant pump

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