Product overview

Products you can rely on

Our product portfolio includes a wide range of high-quality standard component, such as refrigerant pumps, highside float regulators and components for oil management in the refrigeration plant. We also build custom-fit pressure vessels, surge drums and complete pressure vessel units like pumping stations or evaporator units. All our products are, of course, equipped with appropriate accessories.

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Benefit from our experience

Thanks to our many years of experience you will benefit from our competent expert advice how to implement our components in your refrigeration plant and design the system according to your needs.

Our components are perfectly matched, so they will be integrated easily into your refrigeration system on-site. This increases your efficiency, by reducing assembly time and cutting on-site costs.

Choose between refrigerant pumps, expansion technology, separation technology and receivers, units or oil management.

Our products are of course designed so that they can be perfectly combined with each other.

Refrigerant pumps

Refrigerant pumps

highside float regulators

Expansion technology

Pressure vessels and assemblies

Separation technology and receivers

Druckbehälter und Baugruppen


Oil management

Oil management

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