Central receiver for refrigerant oil from the entire refrigeration system.

WITT HDB3 stainless steel oil receiver
WITT HDB3 stainless steel oil receiver

The WITT HDB can be used in different ways:

  • as an oil drain vessel
  • as an oil distribution vessel for supplying several compressors with oil
  • as a supplementary oil dome to connect our oil recovery unit (BDP) for automatic oil return.

When used as an oil receiver the HDB3 does not require insulation, as the ambient heat is used to evaporate remaining liquid refrigerant. If the ambient temperature is not sufficient, an electric heating element can be mounted via the existing thermowell. Manual oil draining is executed via a combination of service stop valve and quick acting valve (dead man valve) WITT SSV6.

When used as a distribution vessel the HDB3 is used in an automatic oil management system in combination with the oil recovery unit (BDP) to distribute the returned refrigerant oil throughout several compressors.

When the HDP3 is used as supplementary oil dome it acts as a pre-collector in an automatic oil return system.

The HDB3 stainless steel oil receiver is manufactured in accordance with AD2000 and the Pressure Equipment Directive. It comes with all required connections, i.e. level control or optional oil sensor.

The HDB3 stainless steel oil collector consists of:

  • A DN40 inlet for the refrigerant/oil mixture
  • A DN25 connection for a safety valve
  • A DN40 connection for connecting a BDP2 or distribution line
  • A DN25 connection for an equalisation line/reserve
  • A G½“/IG connection at min. and max. level + screw plug G½“
  • An oil drain connection with valve EA10GB/VA
  • A SSV6 quick-acting valve for connection to the EA10 (supplied loose)
  • A lateral thermowell with G½“ connection for an optional heating element
  • Two M12 mounting sockets top and bottom
  • Mounting brackets incl. fastening material
HDB3 stainless steel oil receiver
HDB3 stainless steel oil receiver
Dimensions of HDB3 stainless steel oil receiver
Dimensions of HDB3 stainless steel oil receiver

Capacity data

Max. permitted pressure PS Total volume Useable volume

[bar at +100/-10°C] [bar at -10/-60°C] [l] [l]
HDB3 1/25 1/18.75 39 30


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