Automatic oil return using hot gas.

WITT BDP oil recovery unit

The WITT BDP oil recovery unit is collecting the refrigerant oil before it is returned via hot gas back to the compressor. This way valuable refrigerant oil is re-used and remains in the refrigeration cycle.

Re-using the refrigerant oil eliminates the need to drain it manually, as such avoiding associated accidents. In addition the refrigerant oil recovery safes operating costs (maintenance, oil disposal, oil-refill) and protects the environment.

We offer with the BDP a proven, standardised solution. The housing is designed for up to 40 bar and can be opened for easy access.

The optional oil sensor enables a demand controlled oil return.

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Capacity data

Diameter [mm] Height [mm] Volume [l] Transfer volume [l] PN max [bar] Material
BDP2-03 140 286 0.6 0.3 40 Stainless steel
BDP2-14 140 384 1.7 1.4 40 Stainless steel
BDP2-38 140 562 4.1 3.8 40 Stainless steel

Dimensions BDP oil recovery unit type BDP2-03
Dimensions BDP oil recovery unit type BDP2-14
Dimensions BDP oil recovery unit type BDP2-38


The BDP2 without optional level sensor has no ignition sources and therefore it does not meet the definition of
devices according to the ATEX Directive 94/9 / EC.

The basis for this is an risk assessment of ignition sources according EN 13463-1, chapter 5.2. Even during possible occurring malfunctions there are no own potential ignition sources present.

The BDP standard scope of supply includes:

  • A threaded connection G1“ for the refrigerant/oil inlet
  • A connection with internal thread ½“ for an oil sensor
  • A welded connection Ø 13 mm for hot gas
  • and a welded connection Ø 13 mm for the refrigerant/oil discharge incl. integrated check valve for differential pressures up to 3 bar (also for 1 bar differential pressure upon request)


Are you interested in an BDP2 barrel dosing pump?

If so, just tell us the

  • refrigerant you use
  • the refrigeration capacity of the plant and
  • the evaporation and condensation temperature.

With our selection program “WITT Selectwe can find the right model for you.

BDP oil recovery unit type BDP2-03
BDP oil recovery unit type BDP2-14
BDP oil recovery unit type BDP2-38


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