Expansion technology

Simple, robust and efficient expansion of condensed refrigerant

In industrial refrigeration systems the refrigerant is expanded from the high-pressure side to the low-pressure side with expansion devices (expansion).

Refrigeration systems generally work with different pressure levels. To remove heat from the heated (evaporating) refrigerant and condense it, a compressor transports the refrigerant gas from the surge drum to a condenser by increasing the pressure. Upon heat exchange with the warmer ambient temperature, the refrigerant is condensed and reaches an expansion device.

High-pressure float regulators from WITT ensure that the refrigerant expands back into the surge drum at a low pressure level in a reliable and efficient manner.

They achieve this using a purely mechanical solution consisting of a float ball and a slide block that are linked by a lever arm. Depending on the load on the refrigeration system, the level in the housing of the highside float regulator rises and lifts the float ball. This moves the slide block with it, releasing an opening. Refrigerant can flow back through this opening towards the surge drum and since the opening area is much smaller than the piping area, it expands at this point.

Refrigeration circuit diagram
WITT highside float regulator diagram
HR and HS high-pressure float regulators

HR & HS highside float regulators

ECO - WITT Economiser

ECO - WITT Economiser

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