Separation compact, cost efficient and safe.

Sizes of the WITT HAD high capacity separator with dynamic separation

The HAD is a high efficient compact separator in a vertical execution that can be integrated in almost any piping system. It is particularly suited for:

  • compact and cost efficient extension of the refrigeration system
  • simple corrective measure when the separation is insufficient
  • safe separation for direct expansion systems

When the refrigeration system should be extended the HAD offers increased capacity without a need to change the surge drum or enlarge the machinery room. Upon installation oft he HAD into the surge line it will reliably separate liquid droplets and the liquid level in the existing surge drum can be raised.

Also when the separation capacity of an existing refrigeration plant is not sufficient can the HAD be retrofitted as mentioned above.

For direct expansion systems the HAD offers additional safety: during unforeseen operating conditions (i.e. insufficient overheating at fast changing loads) the HAD will separate unevaporated droplets from the evaporator reliably and as such protects your compressor.


HAD - Standard arrangement in single-stage refrigeration systems
HAD - Arrangement in the absence of a separator connection
HAD - Arrangement with HR - high pressure float regulator in two-stage refrigeration systems
HAD - Arrangement as a secondary separator in DX systems greater than 20,000ppm
HAD - Arrangement with HDB for height problem
HAD - Arrangement for height problem with HDB and hot gas recirculation
HAD - Arrangement as economiser

Capacity data

Capacity* [kW] Capacity** [kW] Diameter [mm] Overall height incl. valves [mm] Connections [DN] PN [bar] Weight [kg]
HAD 250 650 320 250 1520 150 12 - 25 90
HAD 400 1400 690 400 1780 200 12 - 25 200
HAD 550 3000 1460 550 2140 250 12 - 25 320

*Refrigerant: NH3, T0 = -10°C, TC = +35°C | ** Refrigerant: NH3, T0 = -40°C, TC = +35°C

HAD scope of delivery

  • Steel vessel in accordance with AD2000 and the Pressure Equipment Directive Module H1
  • Connection for pump return, inlet
  • Connection for suction gas, outlet
  • Connection for condensate, outlet
  • Connection DN25 reserve
  • 2 Mounting brackets, U-profile
  • Top mounted lifting eyesPositioning of the connections and supports can be selected

Are you interested in a WITT pressure vessel and separator?

If so, just tell us the

  • refrigerant you use
  • the refrigeration capacity of system and
  • the evaporation and condensation temperature.

Our technical sales staff will be happy to select the perfect model for you.

WITT pressure vessel and separator type HAD 250
HAD 250
WITT pressure vessel and separator type HAD 400
HAD 400
WITT pressure vessel and separator type HAD 550
HAD 550

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