10. Okt 2022

NEW - NRP refrigerant pump

NRP refrigerant pump

NEW - NRP refrigerant pump

Hermetic refrigarant pump for CO2 up to 63 bar

The WITT NRP design can count on more than two decades of experience with the natural refrigerant CO2 (R744). The NRP provides reliable operation suitable
up to 63 bar standstill pressure.

Possible replacement of almost any refrigerant pump
You decide on the arrangement of the connection nozzles to suit the situation on site; so you can easily replace other refrigerant pump brands when needed.

Excellent overall efficiency
The new hydraulic design and no need for a motor can improves efficiency. Almost the entire volume flow is available for your system, as the NRP requires only a very small motor cooling line. No additional QMIN- and/or overflow line is needed. The wide permitted frequency range between 20 Hz and 60 Hz allows you to operate the NRP constantly at the optimum operating point.

Easiest assembly
A standard support bracket installed at the pump's balance point facilitates installation and the optimised design of the NRP allows easy insulation.

Maintenance free design
The NRP sturdy design allows maintenance-free operation even with the presence of dirt particles, refrigerating oils, gaseous refrigerant and sudden pressure drops. If the system should nevertheless require service, the entire inner part of the pump can be removed from the housing, so the housing can remain in the system.

Are you interested in a NRP up to 63 bar?

Just call us. We are happy to discuss the details with you.