01. Mär 2019

HRP -90 - hermetic refrigerant pump

NEW - benefit from highest stand-still pressures.

HRP 8050-90 - hermetic high pressure refrigerant pump
HRP 8050-90 - hermetic high pressure refrigerant pump

easy, safe and hermetically sealed - up to 90 bar.

At refrigeration systems working with the refrigerant carbon dioxide (CO2), the system heats up when the system is at a standstill due to the ambient temperature in the machinery room. Depending on the achievable standstill temperature in the CO2 separator, an appropriate pressure level must be selected to prevent the filling quantity from being blown off via the safety valve.

The safety valve will be adjusted in a way that the max. pressure level of the weakest affected component is not reached.

Alternatively, the necessary temperature in the refrigeration system can be realized by pressure maintenance (small additional refrigeration unit for
CO2 emergency cooling). Here, the CO2 gas produced by the transmission (heat input from outside) is liquefied again and the pressure increase in the system is prevented.

To dispense this protection and also a related investment, an HRP -90 can now be used.


Pressure levels and temperatures when using the refrigerant carbon dioxide (CO2)

pressure level atmosphere pressure ambient temperature
PN40 40 bar + 5°C
PN63 63 bar + 24°C
PN65 65 bar + 26°C
PN80 80 bar + 33°C
PN90 90 bar + 37°C
PN100 100 bar + 41°C

The refrigerant pump type HRP is now also available for applications with the refrigerant carbon dioxide (CO2) up to 90 bar standstill pressure.

For this purpose, the pump was designed standing same as the previous HRP 3232. The versions with higher engine power are also without a canned. This ensures optimized engine cooling performance and at the same time reduces the required drive power of the engine.

The HRP -90 is still hermetically sealed according to EN378 and has an internal engine cooling by the refrigerant.

The new design allows you to build compact and is now pressure-resistant up to a machinery room temperature of + 37 ° C.

HRP 8050-90
HRP 8050-90
sectional view of the HRP 8050 90bar
sectional view of the HRP 8050 90bar

Are you interested in a HRP up to 90 bar?

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