Our facility

From the heart of Europe to the world: Refrigeration equipment made in Germany

 The WITT site

We produce our refrigeration components in-house, exclusively at our modern production facility in Aachen, Germany. Our facility houses all the departments needed for customer care and service, design, production, and stock:

  • Production hall with machining and assembly stations for standard components
  • Welding facility including assembly areas for custom-fit piping and alignments
  • Large warehouse for quick supply of high-quality standard components and spare parts
  • Warehouse for larger parts to ensure fast and in-time production of pressure vessel units
  • Test laboratory for new product design and product improvements
  • Administration building with all competences under one roof

    Our location in close vicinity to Belgium and the Netherlands (border triangle) have always shaped us as an European company. It is natural for us to look beyond national borders.

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